Xiaomi launches Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Mini for 199 yuan ($28)

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Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Mini

Xiaomi has launched the Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Mini and it is now on sale on Mi Mall for 99 yuan ($14). As the name implies, the Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Mini is a smaller version of the MI Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker that was launched in September 2019 priced at 199 yuan ($28).

This new model looks like a miniaturized version of last year’s sleek portable Bluetooth speaker. The design is similar as well as several of the features. This model adopts the attractive lanyard pattern of its predecessor but the lanyard is shorter on this model. It also supports Bluetooth 5.0 protocol. The mini has a dimension of 86 × 86 × 45mm and weighs 185g.

It also utilises a USB Type-C interface which is located just under the lanyard. The Mi Bluetooth Speaker Mini also presents with an impressive 2000mAh battery that Xiaomi says can deliver up to 10 hours of music playback at 60% volume level. The portable speaker also comes with IP55 level dustproof and waterproof protection.

Furthermore, the Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker mini supports true wireless stereo interconnection function. This means it can interconnect two speakers to form a wireless stereo speaker with the delivery of stereo effects on left and right channel playbacks.

The Bluetooth speaker mini equally has a built-in high-sensitivity, high-signal-to-noise ratio microphone, and integrated echo cancellation technology, which can be used to answer and hang-up calls with one click.