Mi Band 5 to come with 1.2 inch display and Google Pay support

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According to a new report, Xiaomi‘s upcoming Mi Band 5 is expected to arrive with a 1.2 inch display alongside NFC support for its global variant. The smart wearable is a popular series from the Chinese tech giant.

Previously, Xiaomi had launched the Mi Band 4 at a lucrative price range with relatively decent features. However, unlike the model sold in China, the global variant had skipped on the NFC feature for certain regions. Although a separate version supporting NFC was made available as well.

Mi Band 4 press renders
Xiaomi Mi Band 4

With the Mi Band 5, Xiaomi plans on riding on the success of its popular smart band lineup. From the report, it was discerned that the fifth and latest entry in the series will feature a larger 1.2 inch display. The screen will be an AMOLED panel which is reportedly brighter and displays more contrast.

Furthermore, NFC support will be a big inclusion this time around as it will also support other payment options, like Google Pay. Previously, the Mi Band 4 only shipped with Xiaomi’s Mi Pay. Currently, the Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4 in China are one of the few NFC enabled wearables from Xiaomi. Since the technology is seeing an increase in use with better infrastructure, NFC will become more crucial in modern lives.

xiaomi mi band 4
AMOLED Display on the Mi Band 4

Xiaomi’s Mi Band 5 will carry a price tag of 179 Yuan in China or roughly 26 US Dollars. Notably, the prices may vary according to different regions and countries. Huami, a smart wearables manufacturer, is partnering up with the smartphone OEM to make the Mi Band 5. But, no deal has been signed between the two regarding an exclusivity deal.