Mi A3 users sign a petition to get Android 10 faster

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Android One devices are supposed to get regular and faster updates compared to other devices running a custom version of Android. However, that is not the case for a number of Android One devices such as the Xiaomi Mi A3.

The Mi A3 was released in July 2019 before Android 10 was officially available for devices. It has been four months now since phones such as the Essential PH-1, which runs stock Android, received the Android 10 update but the Mi A3 is yet to get the update.

Mi A3 Android 10 petition update

The update was expected to roll out in October but it didn’t. It was the same story in November and December too. Owners of the Mi A3 are displeased following the way things have turned and have opened a petition on Change.orghoping to force Xiaomi to release the Android 10 update.

A few days ago, a user asked the official Mi India Support when the update will be available and the response he got is that they are working on it and “it will be rolled out soon!”

Xiaomi’s attitude to updating its Android One devices will result in a lot of people losing trust in the series. The Mi A1 was plagued by several issues when it was updated to Android Pie.

Considering even the latest device in the line has yet to get updated to Android 10, owners of the Mi A2 have even more waiting to do.