Little Bear Foot Warmer arrives on Xiaomi Youpin for 189 yuan (~$27)

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Xiaomi recently launched a bunch of smart and unique devices, which were available for purchase via the company’s Youpin website. The company has already launched the OCooker dual-stove Induction Cooker, and now, it has unveiled a Little Bear Foot Warmer. Xiaomi not only offers good phones, but also smart products that cater to the needs of every household member.

Xiaomi Little Bear Foot Warmer is currently on sale and is priced at 189 Yuan, which is around Rs 1,950 in India. As for the features, the new product has a graphene heating core, and it can be used with bare feet and socks. Graphene heats up fast, causing the body to release infrared rays which can transfer heat to deeper parts of the human skin.

Xiaomi Bear Foot Warmer 2

The Little Bear foot warmer from Xiaomi also comes with an overheating power cut-off feature. This helps ensure that the device doesn’t get very hot. One can also adjust the temperature can be adjusted in four steps. “One can be barefoot, the second can be worn with socks, the third can be higher, and the fourth can be used to transfer heat to the legs,” the report stated.

Furthermore, the new Xiaomi Bear Foot Warmer has a power of 170W. One doesn’t need to shut it as it automatically shuts down after about 4 hours of usage. The pedal comes with a dimension of 525 x 330mm, and it is reinforced with insulation material to prevent burns. As mentioned above, the Xiaomi foot warmer can be bought from its Xiaomi Youpin platform.

Talking about Xiaomi’s heated goose down jacket, it comes with smart temperature control. The biggest feature of the smart jacket is that it can be powered by a classic power bank. As per the company, a 10,000mAh power bank can offer continuous heating of the jacket for up to 7 hours. This is a lot for a heated down jacket as this much is enough to withstand a cold working day.

The company says that its smart jacket leverages 90 percent high-quality white goose down, and a smart three-speed temperature control design. Interestingly, Xiaomi’s smart jacket also comes with a waterproof fabric texture. This means that you don’t have to worry about rain. It is priced at 499 Yuan (approx Rs 5,074).