Xiaomi details 64MP Redmi phone, teases 100MP camera

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This afternoon, Xiaomi held the Xiaomi Future Image Technology Communication Meeting in Beijing. Xiaomi co-founder and president Lin Bin made an appearance detailing the company’s upcoming 64MP Redmi smartphone, as well as the company’s advancements in camera technology and their future in terms of camera suppliers and performance.

Xiaomi 64MP camera

According to Lin Bin, Xiaomi first set up an independent camera team two years ago. In May 2018, an official camera department was set up that would involve all aspects of hardware and software development for their camera technology. On top of this, the company’s AI algorithm team is comprised of more than 1,000 people, with over 684 global patents in AI, ranking them 11th in the world.

Xiaomi 64MP camera

He then goes on to reaffirm that the company’s upcoming device will utilize Samsung‘s 64MP GW1 sensor. Li Jishuo, the global vice president of Samsung Electronics’ LSI Division, came on stage and introduced some of the main highlights of the Samsung GW1 sensor. First, the GW1 uses a 1/1.7-inch ultra-large bottom sensor, which is 34% larger than their previous sensor and supports four-in-one pixel-binning technology.

Xiaomi 64MP camera

In addition, the Samsung GW1 sensor also supports pixel-isolated ISOCELL PLUS technology, which guarantees high color reproduction while improving sensitivity by 15%. At the same time, the intelligent ISO technology can ensure that the highlights of the photos are not overexposed while simultaneously reducing noise in darker parts of the image.

Xiaomi 64MP camera
Samsung GW1 sample
Xiaomi 64MP camera sample
Camera sample zoom in

Finally, the Samsung GW1 supports hybrid 3D HDR, intelligent pixel-level hierarchical exposure and hardware-level real-time HDR, ensuring a wider dynamic range for photos and better handling of all sorts of lighting situations. Samsung is extremely proud of this sensor, and hopes to see it featured in the upcoming 64MP Redmi device soon.

One other interesting detail was added by Lin Bin near the end of the presentation. According to the Xiaomi president, the company has plans to use a Samsung sourced 100MP sensor in the near future. Though no concrete date was given, Lin Bin seemed confident that it would be arriving sooner rather than later. Whether we need 100MPs is a whole other story, but it’s still good to see that Xiaomi are taking their cameras seriously.