Xiaomi teases 100MP camera device on social media

by Airyl 273 views0

When it comes to smartphone cameras, Samsung’s ISOCELL GW1 sensor is all the rage right now, with its 64MP resolution. That being said, it looks like the Korean tech giant is already working on a more impressive sensor. And we know this because Xiaomi just teased a 100MP smartphone camera sensor.

Xiaomi posted the teaser image on its Facebook page, alongside the teaser of a Redmi phone with the 64MP camera. There are some details for the 64MP ISOCELL GW1 sensor, but not so much for the 100MP camera sensor. The exact resolution of the sensor is 120332 x 9024.

Xiaomi has not shared anything about the phone that will be housing the 108MP sensor either. Whichever device it is, the company says it will be the smartphone with the highest resolution camera. Serial leaker Ice universe (@UniverseIce) does claim that it will be the Mi Mix 4.

Samsung will also likely be sharing more information about its new 100MP sensor closer to the launch of the phone that has it. As for when that is, all we have is “Coming soon!”. That said, Xiaomi is more than likely to release more teasers in the future, and chances are one of them will hint at an announcement date.

(Source: Xiaomi Global / Facebook, Ice universe / Twitter)