Xiaomi to announce new Mi Mix news tonight

by Airyl 238 views0

Recently, Xiaomi revised its smartphone business and left only three series of the original Mi, MIX, and the new CC (RIP Mi Max and Mi Note). The annual flagship Mi9 has already been released, and we’ve even technically got a Mi9T. As for the CC line smartphones, the first model is already ready and coming soon. So what about the MIX series?

The current model from this family of devices completely changed the way we had been thinking of the MIX line smartphones. They’ve always been focused on being revolutionary and new, but the Mi MIX 3’s slider was still refreshing to see, and we’re eager for more. Well, we might not need to wait much longer.

Xiaomi has just published a poster, saying they will issue a statement regarding the Mi Mix line later tonight at 10PM. Now, this could mean a plethora of things, from a new Mi MIX device to a price cut to the pre-existing devices. Perhaps it could even be something completely new?

Realistically speaking, there’s very little chance it’ll be a new device. We haven’t had many new leaks for the device lately, and this sudden type of announcement would absolutely not fit one of Xiaomi’s most important devices. We’re expecting a price cut for the Mi MIX 3, since it’s been out for a while. Stay tuned on Xiaomiphone.com for what happens later.