The latest Xiaomi crowdfunder: The Roidmi NEX Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

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Today we’ve got another new Xiaomi crowdfunder to talk about, that being the Roidmi NEX Wireless Vacuum Cleaner. As you might expect, it’s very much a new vacuum cleaner, but with a lot of extras onboard. The big thing is that it can also simultaneously function as a mop if need be. So, let’s take a closer look at the Roidmi NEX Wireless Vacuum Cleaner.

The Roidmi’s main claim to fame is the ability to vacuum and mop. For the mop section of the device, the company’s come up with some sort of intelligent slow-drop technology. Essentially the effect is that it absorbs and retains more moisture while you’re mopping. On top of this, they’ve also developed a new nano-scale hydrophobic fiber soft velvet roller brush, which is waterproof and stain-resistant.

For the vacuum part, Roidmi touts an Engine-X digital brushless motor, with a speed of up to 120,000 rpm and a total power of 435W. There’s also Air-X dust separation technology to keep the vacuum from clogging up. We’ve even got front and rear air filtration, which allows the vacuum to expel clean air after it’s gotten rid of all the dust.

The Roidmi NEX Wireless Vacuum Cleaner has a stand for powering its 8 Samsung/LG batteries. The presence of the BMS-X battery management system allows the vacuum to optimize itself, though it only lasts an hour on a full charge. There’s even a smartphone app available the allows a user to monitor the amount of battery life left in the vacuum. The device costs 1699 yuan ($248) from Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform.