Xiaomi shows off under display selfie camera in video

by Airyl 201 views0

Who would’ve thought that Xiaomi would be the ones pushing for innovation in this day and age? Well, they’ve been doing it ever since the first MI Mix, and today they’ve got something special. Xiaomi co-founder and president Lin Bin shares a very interesting video showing a working under display selfie camera!

This comes just moments after Oppo’s video of the exact same tech, and the timing is impeccable. This reminds of back in the day when companies would rush to show off the latest changes as soon as they could. Both companies sharing under display selfie cameras on the same day, that’s pretty awesome.

Xiaomi’s video is a lot clearer and straightforward than Oppo’s however. While Oppo’s was very much a test from behind the scenes with a weird angle, Xiaomi’s is a straight up comparison. We can clearly see the Xiaomi Mi9, next to what appears to be a notchless Xiaomi Mi9. The video shows the lack of a notch, and then continues to showcase that the invisible selfie camera works just fine.

Now these are some exciting times! Between foldable phones, hidden selfie camera tech, companies racing to be first and the Huawei debacle, there’s been something interesting going on almost every day! It’s a great feeling to be able to talk about something new, instead of just the latest flagship release. We hope this trend towards new, innovative tech continues, it’s been great to write about.