Lu Weibing claims Xiaomi on path to control 50% of the Indian market

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Today we’ve got a spicy topic to discuss. In an interview with Sina Tech, Redmi GM Lu Weibing claimed that Xiaomi could possibly conquer 50% of the Indian smartphone marketshare in the future. He also cites how Xiaomi have been ranked number 1 in the Indian market for seven consecutive quarters now.

This is some staggering confidence, but it’s definitely not unfounded. Xiaomi is doing unbelievably well in India, with seven of their devices being in the top 10 best selling list. Still, we find it extremely hard to believe that the company can break 50% marketshare. In Q1 of 2019, despite selling plenty of units, still only held 29% of the market. We’re glad Xiaomi’s enthusiastic at least, and we’d love to see accomplish this.

Now, with Xiaomi’s new lineup, we’d say it’s possible they could come closer to achieving their goal. The company’s latest products cover almost every single segment of the market. They’ve got the Redmi GO on the extreme low-end, the Redmi Note 7 line on the mid-range, the Redmi K20 for the budget flagship market and the Mi9 itself as a premium flagship. We’re looking at Xiaomi that’s covering all grounds here, even more than before.

It isn’t surprising to see why Xiaomi is doing so well in India. The brand mostly caters to the mid-range segment, where the growth is phenomenal. In the past quarter, Xiaomi launched a number of smartphones, headlined by the Redmi Note 7 Pro and Redmi Go. The Redmi Note 7 Pro, in particular, turned out to be both a critical and commercial success.