“Acupressure Massager anyone?” asks Xiaomi

by Airyl 297 views0

Xiaomi crowdfunding is always a fun topic, because it’s so unpredictable what’s coming next. Last month we saw the Himo T1 Electric Bicycle, which costed a pretty 2999 yuan. This time, we’ve got an egg-looking Acupressure Massager. Intriguing indeed, let’s take a closer look at why it is what it is.

Essentially, what the Acupressure Massager does is allow one to massage very specific points on their body. It’s a nifty little thing if you frequently suffer from things like neck pains, back pains and carpal tunnel. Using it is pretty simple, just point the massager where you want, turn it on, and apply pressure. The ecstatic lady in the picture gives a pretty clear image of how to use it.

The massager has two speeds that can be adjusted, 50 rpm and 90 rpm. It apparently also features interchangeable heads, allowing for more accurate ways to alleviate body pains. It’s also quite silent, so it’s completely usable in office spaces according to them. The thing is battery powered however, and it needs to be charged on a dock.

The Acupressure Massager comes in at a decent 320g, with three colour options to choose from. You’ve got your standard black and white, but there’s also a pretty pink option available. The thing costs 119 yuan, which translates to about $18.

It’s really not too bad of a price for something like this. As per usual, all Xiaomi crowdfunding products are available on their site, but it’s possible we’ll see it hit some stores in the future.