Xiaomi wants to optimize Ads in MIUI

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Xiaomi’s custom user interface — MIUI, which had earlier received a lot of praise from the users, has been a major source of criticism for the company since past several months. The major reason behind that is the company’s strategy to put ads in MIUI.

Many users have complained about the annoyance of advertisements in MIUI and how it interferes with the usage of the smartphone. However, the company’s response made it clear that ads in MIUI are here to stay but the company could optimize how it works.

Well, that’s what the company is saying now. Xiaomi’s CEO and co-founder said that the company will remove the inappropriate ads and the advertisements that ruin the user experience. Now, General Manager for the Internet Services for Xiaomi says that the company plans to reduce the number of advertisements in MIUI.

The China-based company is planning to do so using algorithms which can improve the advertisement reach rate and also make sure that the ad that users see are relevant to their interests. It now aims to reduce and optimize advertisements on the platform and improve user experience.

On the other hand, the software and internet services segment accounted for just 9.7 percent of the company’s total revenue, which saw very minor growth compared to 9.1 percent a year before.