Xiaomi absolutely refuses to ever make e-cigarettes

by Airyl 194 views0

Xiaomi makes a lot of stuff. Some under its own brands and others by companies under its ecosystem. However, there are some products the company simply refuses to make. One of the best examples of this are the currently popular and trendy e-cigarettes.

Back in February, rumors arose that the Chinese giant would announce their very first e-cigarette soon. These rumors were quickly quelled by Xiaomi themselves. Today, a new rumor has surfaced and it includes a launch date and venue for what is said to be Xiaomi’s first e-cigarette.

The rumor is a poster that says Xiaomi will have an event in Shenzhen on May 21 where it will unveil its very first e-cigarette. Xiaomi took to Weibo to disprove the information and reiterate that it will not manufacture e-cigarettes. Xiaomi also stated that it may take legal actions against the organizations and individuals using their brand to mislead consumers.

Interestingly, a while back we saw Xiaomi back an e-cigarette maker. Though those still weren’t manufactured by Xiaomi themselves, and they had a focus towards health benefits. It’s a bit of a contrast next to today’s more questionable e-cigarettes, and it makes sense Mi would like to keep away from that image.