Xiaomi sends a Redmi Note 7 into space

by Airyl 114 views0

Every year the smartphone industry is getting more and more indulged in marketing campaigns with each new release cycle of their latest smartphones. Most of the time, the companies plan bigger campaigns for their flagships but Chinese phone maker Xiaomi, in contrast, is doing such campaigns for its latest budget smartphone — Redmi Note 7.

In its latest marketing stunt, Xiaomi literally sent the Redmi Note 7 to space to prove that the the phone is really an “out of this world” device. Xiaomi’s team in Europe sent the smartphone up in the space in a hydrogen balloon at the altitude of 33,375 meters. Surprisingly, the phone survived the temperature of around -58°C and came back without a scratch.

Xiaomi recently posted a video on its official YouTube channel. Redmi Note 7 on its tour to the outer space of the earth took a few photos of the earth with its 48MP rear camera before landing. Xiaomi posted some of the snaps it took on Twitter, which can be seen here.