Xiaomi announces new AutoFull Gaming Chair

by Airyl 501 views0

China has recently recognized e-Sports as an actual profession. As such, many companies are scrambling for a piece of that e-sports market, and Xiaomi is no exception. The company has just launched the AutoFull gaming chair, a leather-styled gaming chair with a 2,799 yuan ($415) price tag.

The leather chair is inspired by the seat design of sports cars. The sports car grill shape with a long side curvature and an ergonomic design concept provides a comfortable seating position for gamers. Even the headrest is designed with a lumbar pillow of considerable thickness and large size in order to enhance the comfort of the seat.

The seat cover is made from high-quality top layer cowhide, which is not sultry if used for a long time. The same layer of cowhide is used on the back. The chair is filled with 45D high-density cotton which ensures a comfortable and soft sitting feel. The high-density cotton also ensures that the hip pressure is scientifically dispersed.

The seat cushion will also not collapse when it is used for a long period of time. Further, the Autofull gaming chair comes with a professional 4D e-sports armrests. The backrest can be adjusted in the same pattern as a sports car seat, that is front and back. The height also can move up and down.

The e-SPorts gaming chair is presently available on Xiaomi Youpin website. It comes in yellow, blue and gray leather accent. It’s a bit ludicrous when it comes to pricing however, which is a crying shame.