The next Black Shark device will finally have a headphone jack!

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Xiaomi’s Black Shark series has been received well as a competitor for others from companies such as Razer or ASUS. On the other hand, its latest generation was released without a 3.5mm port. This device does have an adapter accessory for its USB type C port; however, it still doesn’t enable a user to listen to audio and charge at the same time.

In a statement to TechRadar, a spokesperson for Black Shark justified dropping the jack by saying, “high-end flagship mobile phones have cancelled 3.5 headphone jacks a few years ago as it is not in line with the development trend of mobile phones.”

This situation may be subject to change in the future. In the same interview, a Black Shark representatives straight up says that the 3.5mm port is coming back to upcoming Black Shark phones. The resulting article contains a statement that, “We will have 3.5 headphones jack in our future [Black Shark] products“.

The spokesperson also conceded that this feature had been removed so as to stay in line with modern smartphone trends. However, the company apparently now acknowledges “…the importance of the 3.5 headphones for the gamers’ user experience“. This is truly a joyous day for me here at!