Xiaomi sells over 1 million units of Mi Band 3 in India

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Xiaomi’s Mi Band 3 is perhaps the best value for money if you’re looking for a fitness band right now. It has a bevy of great features, a simple and pleasing design, is comfortable to wear and it’s affordable too. Now, it looks like Xiaomi has reached another of their goals, with a new sales record in India.

Just earlier today, Xiaomi went over on Twitter announce that it has surpassed one million units of sales of the Mi Band 3 in India since its launch in September 2018. The company also touts that it is the top wearable brand in the country right now. Quite the milestone for Xiaomi in India, especially with the next Mi Band on the way.

Mi Band 3 is available via both online and offline. It is priced at Rs. 1,999 and has helped the company reach the second spot in the wearable market in the world. It’s not really that big of surprise to u either. What with the excellent features available and the affordable price tag, we’d be surprised if it wasn’t successful.