Xiaomi’s folding phone to launch in Q2 2019

by Airyl 360 views0

The plot thickens around the Xiaomi folding phone. Not too long back, Xiaomi came out and said that the folding phone may not even happen due to cost issues. Now however, investors from Xiaomi’s supply chain report that the company has plans to launch a foldable phone as early as the end of April.

As expected, the foldable smartphone will make its global debut in China. After that, Xiaomi will roll out the devices to other places like India and Europe. This is an odd report, and we’re not entirely sure if it’s legitimate, but it’s definitely quite interesting. We were expecting a foldable Mi phone, just not this soon.

While Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X are positioned in the ultra-premium segment, Xiaomi’s offering is tipped to be significantly more affordable. The report says the foldable smartphone could be priced at $999, which would TECHNICALLY make it the most affordable foldable smartphone on the market.

In Europe, the phone will reportedly be priced at €999. Apart from Europe and China, the Xiaomi foldable phone will also make its way to India with a price tag of INR 74,999.

I mean, yeah, it’s not exactly affordable, it’s the same price as an iPhone Xs. But by comparison, the Galaxy Fold starts at $1,980. That’s nearly an entire $1000 more than the Mi offering. The question is, will anyone really want to buy such an expensive Mi phone?

Xiaomi have been working to shake off the “cheap phone” stigma for quite a while now, so it may work out. We would definitely love to get our hands on a Mi foldable phone, though it’s going to be interesting to see the corners cut to achieve that price. We hope it’ll end up well rounded, just like other Mi devices as of late.