Xiaomi crowdfunds a Mi Rice Cooker Robot

by Airyl 547 views0

Xiaomi just crowdfunded a robot that will help you cook the perfect rice. Xiaomi calls it a Mi Rice Cooker Robot. Just select the app and give it a command to get a “perfectly cooked meal”. There are also options to preset a cooking time from the app, so you can cook rice from anywhere.

And when we say it can cook a meal, we literally mean it can cook an entire meal. Recipes for meals are built into the app. Just pick a recipe, toss the required ingredients in and make the robot cook the dish. The Mi Robot Rice Cooker can make noodles, soup, stew, leeks, and other dishes.

The rice cooker also works alongside other devices on the Mijia App, though we’re not entirely sure how that works. The rice cooking pan of the Mi Rice Cooker Robot is lined with a special coating to prevent sticking and allow easy cleaning. It’s like some sort of miracle product.

If you’re interested in a Mi Rice Cooker Robot, they’re available on Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform. The thing costs 849 yuan ($127), and is exclusively available in China for now. There’s really not much else to say about the thing, though you can tell us what you think down below.