Mi A2 March update rolls out, fixes bootloop issues

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The Mi A2 is a device that falls under the Android One initiative. Android One devices possess a near stock version of the Android operating system and are bloatware free. Now, the we’ve finally got the Mi A2 March update.

Android One devices are also guaranteed regular security updates and at least two years of Android updates. They are also optimized for Google assistant and come with the full suite of Google applications.

However, the January update from Xiaomi for the Mi A2 did not go according to plan. It caused bootloops for numerous users all over the world, and those who had a locked bootloader had to visit Xiaomi service centers in order to restore their devices back to working condition.

The February update did not improve the situation at all. Various users from around the globe reported having bootlooped devices after the February update. Many people attempted to fix the problem, but in the end the conclusion was to wait for the next update.

Now that the Mi A2 March update has been released, were finally seeing some fixes to these problems. The update’s version number is 10.0.5,  Luckily, there aren’t any reports regarding users encountering bootloops anymore, hopefully meaning the issue is fixed.

The Mi A2 March update has finally brought Android 9 Pie to all Xiaomi Mi A2 users worldwide without causing bootloop issues. On top of that, it’s also fixed multiple issues regarding the Mi A2 like the screen flickering and color inaccuracy.

So, does that mean the update fixes everything?

Not really.  The Mi A2 March update has brought some less serious issues of its own. One is example is 4G being removed from the preferred network type. 4G connection is still set as the default connection type, but you can’t find it in the list of preferred network types.

To fix this issue, all you need to do, is to follow the listed steps below.

  1. Open your Dialer
  2. Call *#*#4636#*#*
  3. Select LTE from phone information
  4. Remove your 1st SIM Card
  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with your 2nd SIM card

Additionally, the flash doesn’t turn on when you’re trying to take a selfie. The flash will not come on even if you’ve turned it on manual mode. Finally, notifications for the Play Store aren’t functioning as of this moment, for a part of Mi A2 users.