JerryRigEverything tests the Xiaomi Mi 9!

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Youtuber JerryRigEverything is infamous for his smartphone durability tests. The torture tests he puts smartphones through tend to push devices to their limits. This time, he’s got his hands on Xiaomi’s latest flagship, the Xiaomi Mi 9.

This durability test starts with a display scratch test. The phone’s display managed to get scratched with a level six pick, while a level seven pick left deeper scratches on it. The Xiaomi Mi 9 comes with the Gorilla Glass 6 on top of its display, and such scratch test results were expected.

Jerry goes on to point out the waterdrop notch and metal earpiece. He also takes noter that there is a thin layer of plastic placed between the phone’s display and its metal frame. The idea is that this thin layer will help reduce the shock taken from falls.

The Xiaomi Mi 9’s metal frame is made out of 7000 series anodized aluminum, while its physical keys are made out of metal as well. A piece of rubber which is placed inside the SIM card slot is not exactly great, which is not surprising considering that the phone does not sport an official IP rating.

The phone’s camera lenses are protected by “sapphire glass”, as Xiaomi refers to it, though this is not sapphire crystal, as it does get scratched with a level six pick, while sapphire crystal would get scratched with a level eight pick.

JerryRigAnything tells us he’s not very impressed by the sapphire glass, though a test shows that Xiaomi IS actually using sapphire for camera lens protection. He concludes that the company may have combined sapphire with glass, or something of the sort.

The phone’s in-display fingerprint scanner didn’t have any issues working, even after some serious scratches. The phone’s fullHD+ AMOLED display managed to resist flame for about 30 seconds before the display turned white, but the pixels recovered soon after.

JerryRigAnything continues put the device through the iconic bend test. First, he tries to bend it from the back, and then from the front. The phone did flex a bit in both instances, but it reverted back to its original state, while nothing popped up, or anything of the sort.

Surprisingly, the Xiaomi Mi 9 survives through JerryRigAnything’s torture test! Despite a few flaws, the Youtuber claims that he can’t complain too much about a device that costs half of other flagships. Well, there you have it, the Mi 9 has some decent build quality.