Xiaomi US penetration plans have been delayed

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In early 2018, it was rumored that Xiaomi will enter the U.S. by late 2018. Later on, Wang Xiang, Xiaomi’s Vice President announced that the company will expand to the U.S. in 2019. However, it seems like that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

Xiaomi’s global spokesman, Donovan Sung says the company wants to continue aiming for U.S. expansion in 2019 and 2020. The company is witnessing great growth in Europe as their shares there have increased by 62 percent.

The success can be attributed to the low priced offerings of the company which do not compromise on innovation and design. This applies to many of Xiaomi’s past and upcoming devices, like the old Mi Mix and the new Mi Mix 5G.

Another example would be the overtly teased foldable phone, although it’s in the prototype stage right now. Sung says that the company is experimenting with different designs but since the market is in its infancy, Xiaomi might not release a foldable smartphone anytime soon.

This makes sense as the first few foldable smartphones are expected to cost around $2,000. This absolutely doesn’t fit Xiaomi’s modus operandi, and a phone that costly might not do well. Even the most expensive

Xiaomi plans to increase prices of phones in the future

Having said this, the company also says that the price of its phones will increase in the future. This will be done to reestablish the image of the brand, as it’s currently known for its cheap prices. This has allegedly made people associate Xiaomi with low quality.

To us, this sounds really ludicrous, but it does make sense. While low prices are the reason why Xiaomi phones perform so well in the market, they’ve been making an effort to disassociate themselves with that image. The separation of the Mi and Redmi brands is an obvious example.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get any other information from the. For now, Xiaomi has delayed its plans to officially enter the United States. Its devices are still available through third-party sellers such as eBay, albeit for a higher price. What a shame.