Xiaomi crowdfundes Ultratime Zero Quartz watch

by Airyl 421 views0

Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform has been responsible for some great devices like the Huami Amazfit watches, and today they add another device to list. The Ultratime Zero Quartz is a watch that has a unique single-pointer design on top of a marble dial, and it look rad.

The Ultratime Zero Quartz Watch is manufactured by Beijing Taihuo Red Bird Technology Co., Ltd. Designed after a sun-dial, the watch features a tailor-made leather strap and is covered by sapphire glass. There’s also the pre-mentioned marble dial, which is exquisitely beautiful.

Actually telling the time isn’t going to be as easy, though I doubt anyone will actually care to use this as an actual watch. It’d clearly designed to be a fashionable accessory first, and it succeeds brilliantly. The design has won the 2017 China Good Design Award, so take from that what you will.

If you’re interested, the The Ultratime Zero Quartz Watch comes in at the price of 1080 yuan ($160). It’s currently on sale at Xiaomi Youpin, and I doubt we’ll see it anywhere else for now.