Visionox patents for a foldable smartphone appear, doesn’t seem to be Xiaomi’s

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Recently an executive from display makers Visionox executive confirmed that Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone was a joint project between both companies. Visionox was the third largest AMOLED display manufacturer in 2018, and have been working closely with Xiaomi on their upcoming foldable smartphone. Today we get some patents, but they’re not what we expected.

A Visionox foldable smartphone patent design we’re seeing here is almost a completely different device. Instead of a folding display, this one seems to be two separate displays in a clamshell ala the Kyocera Echo. It’s an interesting take, but we’ve seen it before with things like ZTE Axon M, and it’s not at all similar to what Xiaomi has teased.



This could mean this is a patent for a different foldable phone from Visionox, perhaps even their own device. Xiaomi on the other hand has been tight lipped about their upcoming device, which isn’t usual for them. We’ve got some pretty big expectations for Xiaomi’s foldable device ourselves after the promising teaser. We’d like to see them make a legitimate competitor to the Mate X, but we’ll have to wait and see.

What about you? What do you think about these patents, and the upcoming Xiaomi foldable phone? Tell us all your thoughts and opinions down in the comments section below.