Xiaomi Registered An Incredible Growth On The Smartphone Market In Q3 2017

by Michele Ingelido 2,004 views0

Strategy Analytics and IDC, as it happens in every quarter of the year, have published a new report in which they highlight the shipments in the smartphone market, establishing which are the companies that sold most units. The data is related to Q3 2017, so the period which goes from June to August of this year. The most incredible growth in the smartphones market was registered by Xiaomi: the Chinese giant is actually at the 5th place in the ranking with 27.7 million units shipped (27.6 for Strategy Analtytics), that means shippings have almost doubled.


In Q3 2016 Xiaomi has shipped 14.5 million units. Actually the company detains 7% of share in the smartphone market and it may soon pass Oppo which has been at the 4th place for a long time. At the first place of the ranking we can see Samsung, which had a growth as well, but not as big as the one registered by Xiaomi.

Samsung has shipped 83.4 million units in Q3 2017, while in Q3 2016 it has shipped 75.3 million units. At the second place, even though there is a big difference in terms of units shipped, there is Apple, which shipped 46.7 million iPhones. Do you think Xiaomi will grow even more in the next years?