5 Wonderful Xiaomi Mi A1 Camera Tips To Shot The Best Photos

by Michele Ingelido 3,871 views0

Xiaomi Mi A1 is the best phone under 200 euros released by the Chinese giant if we talk about the camera performances. It has a wonderful dual camera setup with a 12 MP resolution, and in this guide we will tell you 5 incredible tricks to get the best photos with your phone. They work with the stock camera app that you will find on Android One, which is the stock operating system installed on the device.

xiaomi mi a1

Xiaomi Mi A1 Tip #1: Shot photos with your voice

If your hands are not free and/or you have difficulties at moving your finger without losing your perfect shot, it may be very useful for you to know that you can click photos with your voice. In the camera settings you will find an Audio option: just enable it to activate the feature. Then, you can just make a sound with your voice and in three seconds the phone will automatically capture the photo.

Tip #2: How to straighten photos

If the subject that you are trying to capture is tilted or you just can not hold your phone straight to capture the perfect photo to it, the camera app from Xiaomi Mi A1 offers an option to straighten photos. If you want to use this feature, just enable the Straighten option in the camera settings: a rectangle will appear, and you will be able to adjust your photo through it.

Tip #3: How to adjust camera frame

Xiaomi Mi A1 shots photos with the 4:3 aspect ratio by default, which is the most suggested to make photos. But if you need to capture more subjects in your photos, on this phone you can also enable the 16:9 aspect ratio, which is a panoramic aspect ratio mostly used for videos. To enable it in photos, head to the app settings and select the Camera Frame option, then switch the aspect ratio to 16:9.

Tip #4: Perfect photos for Instagram

If you use Instagram you know that when you upload photos there they get cropped into a perfect square. Well, if you do not want your shots to get cropped for Instagram, Xiaomi Mi A1 also has a feature to make Insta-ready photos which are perfect squares by default.  Head to the camera settings by tapping Options and select the Square option to enable the Insta-ready photos. Now, shot a photo and it will be a perfect square in your gallery: you will just need to upload it on Instagram.

Xiaomi Mi A1 Tip #5: Manual Commands

Most of the people capture photos with the automatic mode, but thanks to manual command you can adapt the parameters of the photos to a determinate situation. If you can use them well, you can get much better photos than the one made with automatic mode, especially in low light conditions. Luckily, Xiaomi Mi A1 has manual commands in its camera app: you can adjust the white balance, the focus, the exposure time, the ISO and the lens angle. If you go to the settings you can also adjust the saturation and the auto exposure.