Xiaomi Mi Mouse In Offer At Less Than 15 Euros

by Michele Ingelido 26,895 views0

Did you buy a laptop from the series Xiaomi Mi Notebook or you have another laptop that you always bring with you? Then, a compact and lightweight mini mouse like Xiaomi Mi Mouse may be very useful to you. It is actually being offered at an incredible price: less than 15 euros, and it is much more advanced than a normal mini mouse, at least if we talk about its connectivity.

xiaomi mi mouse

Xiaomi Mi Mouse has just three keys and a scroll wheel, but it is very small and this allows to bring it wherever you want in a very easy way. It can be used in two ways: via Bluetooth or WiFi (through the 2.4 GHz band). This allows you to connect this mouse to a PC, a tablet or even a phone. If you use it through WiFi you have to plug a receiver into your PC (with the USB 2.0 technology), while if you use it through Bluetooth you do not need any receiver.

It has a sensitivity of 1200 DPI, which is a very good value for a cheap mini mouse. It is alimented by 2 AAA batteries and obviously it is also compatible with TV Boxes and every other device which has an operating system and wireless connectivity. You can buy Xiaomi Mi Mouse at this link for just 14.96 euros.