MIUI 9 China And Global Developer v7.10.12 Released

by Michele Ingelido 1,047 views0

In case you do not know, every week a new version of MIUI 9 China Developer and Global Developer ROM (the beta versions of the user interface by Xiaomi) gets released. This week is the turn of the version 7.0.12, and there are several changes and improvements for both China and Global Developer ROMs. In this article we will describe you the changelogs of each ROM. First of all, a new feature has been added in the gallery app on both ROMs. Now, if you start editing the photos from the gallery, you can delete undesired objects from the photos.

On MIUI 9 China and Global Developer ROMs you can now hide free themes or incompatible themes in the list of the purchased themes, so you will make the list more intuitive. You can keep the themes that you paid as the only themes showed in this list. On the China Developer ROM there are even other important improvements. A new Extended copy mode has been added to the mode used to prevent wrong calls from your pocket. Now, if you enable the vibration the feature that makes you mute calls with gesture will no longer be affected. If you disable filters to notifications, now you will see more options with the swipe.

miui 9

Another improvement: Themes app will alert you when there is no connection to download themes. There are also three bug fixes: sometimes it was not possible to enable NFC, now it is; sometimes if you received SMS the display would not power on, now it does; the bug that caused the wallpaper not to be completely visible when you switched to secondary space has been fixed as well. On MIUI 9 Global Developer ROM a bug with the adaptive brightness and another regarding download alerts have been fixed and the support to apps updates have been added. Head to the links below for the complete changelogs.

via1 (China), via2 (Global)