Xiaomi Mi A1 Has A Hidden Facial Recognition Feature, But It Is Bugged

by Michele Ingelido 18,630 views0

Xiaomi Mi A1 is the first Xiaomi phone without MIUI. It has the same specs as the Xiaomi Mi 5X, but inside it there is the Android One operating system instead of Android Nougat customized with MIUI 9. It is an operating system supported directly by Google and it will have much faster updates. Today, a new feature has been discovered on the phone: the facial recognition. This is a feature that we saw on some phones for years, but now it is starting to become trendy again as Apple iPhone X has dedicated sensors to make it safer and smarter than a fingerprint reader.

It has been discovered that Xiaomi Mi A1 has this feature too, but obviously is not as efficient as the Face ID found on Apple iPhone X. Also, the feature seems to be bugged. If you set the facial recognition on the phone, instead of unlocking it, the software will redirect you to the lock screen again, asking you to enter the password. Furtherly, the facial recognition can be bypassed with a simple photo of the user, just like happens on other phones that are not the Apple iPhone X.

Is it possible that the facial recognition feature will be fixed with the next updates to Android One? We do not know, but keep in mind that without a dedicated sensor like the one on iPhone X, even if it will be fixed, it will be always easy to bypass. If you want to try the feature on your Xiaomi Mi A1, head to the Settings, then tap on Security. Now choose Smart Lock, then tap on Trusted Face and follow the brief wizard suggested by the phone to enable the facial recognition. If you can, let us know in the comments below if you found it on your device.