The Best Xiaomi Camera Phones To Date

by Michele Ingelido 3,356 views0

With every phone that it has been launched in 2017, Xiaomi has been putting always more efforts to provide the best camera performances. Xiaomi camera phones are still kinda far from beating the concurrence of the most known brands like Samsung and Apple, but they still have outstanding performances at taking photos and recording videos. In this guide, we show you which are the best Xiaomi camera phones.

xiaomi mi note 3

Best Xiaomi Camera Phones (The Cheap Ones)

5 – Xiaomi Mi A1

Xiaomi Mi A1 is among the best Xiaomi camera phones sold at a low price. It has a dual camera setup with a resolution of 12 MP which can do a 2x optical zoom and a very nice bokeh effect. Even if it is not at the same level of Xiaomi flagships, on its price range we can consider it the best camera phone on the market together with some other models, due to a high detail captured and well-balanced colors. This is the only phone by the company without MIUI: it has Android One installed (a stock version of Android supported directly by Google).

4 – Xiaomi Mi 5X

You can consider Xiaomi Mi 5X as the Xiaomi Mi A1 with only two differences: the absence of the 800 MHz band and the presence of the MIUI 9 user interface instead of Android One. The camera is exactly the same, but thanks to MIUI there is a better software since the camera app has been customized with the addition of more features. Mi A1 has the stock Android camera app, so you have to install third party apps if you want more effects, filters and so on.

Best Xiaomi Camera Phones (The Flagships)

3 – Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 has the same camera as the Mi6, but without the secondary sensor: it has a single 12 MP sensor, which is the Sony IMX386. It can delivery a very great detail, in good light conditions it is very hard to find the difference between it and the best camera phones on the market. It takes bright shots and provides good colors as well, so it deserves to be at the third place of the Xiaomi best camera phones ranking.

2 – Xiaomi Mi6

Xiaomi Mi6 has a dual camera setup on its rear side, with a Sony IMX386 sensor and a resolution of 12 MP. The dual sensor can be used to do 2x optical zoom without losing detail or for the bokeh effect with the portrait mode. What we said for the Mi Mix 2 is valid for this phone as well, and furtherly it has all the features provided by the second sensor.

1 – Xiaomi Mi Note 3

If we talk about hardware, Xiaomi Mi Note 3 has exactly the same camera as the Mi6, there are no differences. We can find a difference in the software, since the algorithm has been improved to provide a better image quality. So, even if it is not the best phone by the company in terms of performances (it has a Snapdragon 660 SoC), it is the best among Xiaomi camera phones, and Lei Jun (the CEO of the company) has confirmed it too. This phone also has the best front camera for selfies, with a 16 MP resolution (Mi6 has 8 MP frontally).