How To Capture RAW Photos With Xiaomi Mi6 (No Root)

by Michele Ingelido 18,295 views1

Many flagship phones like Huawei P10 actually allow shotting photos in the professional format RAW just like the real digital cameras, which is easier to edit with professional programs like Adobe Lightroom. But this feature is not available on Xiaomi Mi6, even if it has one of the best cameras on the Chinese market. With this guide, we will explain to you how to capture RAW images even with your Mi6. You will not need to root your phone to enable the feature, just keep reading.

Capture RAW Images on Xiaomi Mi6

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It is not possible to capture RAW images with the stock camera app, so, first of all, you have to download a third party app. Head to the following link to go to the Play Store and download the Bacon Camera app by clicking Install. After the installation is complete, open the app and click on the icon composed of three horizontal lines that you can find on the left side. Now, select Settings to open the settings, then enable the option Bayer RAW format and if you want select the BMP file format under the picture format menu.

Now you can shot a photo and your Xiaomi Mi6 will save it in the DNG format. To find the photo follow this path on your stock file manager or with a third party file explorer app: storage, emulated, 0, DCIM, Camera, RAW. Note that these photos will not appear in the Gallery app, so heading to this path is the only way to see them. And note that the images are slightly processed and not totally pure RAW. After you found the photos, you can use Adobe Lightroom or another software to edit them. Note that there are some things missing when making photos with this app: you will get no HDR, no “Shot on Mi6” watermark, no chance to disable the shutter sound and possibly worse performances in auto-mode.

Capture RAW Photos on Xiaomi Mi6: Advanced Method

As we said above, the first method makes you obtain RAW photos on Xiaomi Mi6, but they are slightly processed. If you want pure RAW photos follow this method, but we do not ensure you that it will work. If it does not, the only way is rooting your phone. You will also need a PC to follow this method. First of all, use the following link to download this zip file, then download the FreeDcam app through the following link: FreeDcam APK file (register if you are asked to, since it is the only way to access those files). Install the FreeDcam app that you have just downloaded and give it all the permissions required on your Xiaomi Mi6. Now, swipe left and open the settings, then set the picture size to 4032 x 3016 pixels to get the best quality. Check the

Check the bayer format under RAW section, make sure that you find “bayer-mipi-10rggb”. Now ensure that the API is set as camera. If you do not find bayer-mipi-10rggb then it means that this method will not work on your Xiaomi Mi6, so you can only capture RAW images by rooting your phone. Unzip the previous dcraw zip file on a folder in your PC, shot a photo with FreeDcam on your phone and copy it on your PC, together with the unzipped folder in which there is the dcraw.exe file (you can find the photo in this path: storage, emulated, 0, DCIM, FreeDcam). Right click an empty point in the folder and select Open command window, type cmd, then press Enter. At last, type this line:

dcraw -v -c -T 2017_09_30_17_17_03.bayer > 2017_09_30_17_17_03.raw

And your photo will convert in RAW: you will find it in the same folder of the dcraw.exe file in your PC.