Xiaomi Kiss Kiss Fish Cup: A New Version Of The Smart Thermos Is Official

by Michele Ingelido 3,325 views0

Xiaomi Kiss Kiss Fish Cup has been launched: it is a smart thermos to keep your drinks warm. Inside this thermos you can put up to 430 ml of liquids and it is very resistant as it is made of stainless steel 304. Like almost every product by Xiaomi, it is smart. On the upper part there is an OLED display thanks to which you can view the temperature of your drink in every moment. The level of accuracy guaranteed by the thermos is ±1°C.

xiaomi kiss

Thanks to Xiaomi Kiss Kiss Fish Cup you can keep liquids at a temperature superior to 42 °C for max 6 hours, while you can keep low temperatures up to -10 °C for 5 hours at max. These values show us how the performances of the thermos have been improved compared to the previous model.

Unluckily, it is not possible to connect this thermos to a smartphone like other Xiaomi products, but if it was possible, there would be not much to check or do with your phone, and an app would probably be useless. Xiaomi Kiss Kiss Fish Cup is available to purchase in Asia starting from today 30th September. Its price is 179 Yuan, that is equivalent to just 26 euros.