Xiaomi 70 Minutes Smart Car DVR: A New Dash Cam Is Official

by Michele Ingelido 10,006 views1

As fans already know, Xiaomi has a crowdfunding platform in which it launches dozens and dozens of products. Today it is the turn of a new dash cam: 70 Minutes Smart Car DVR Camera has been officially announced, and it is a smart camera to record everything happening from vehicles. The new dash camera sports a Sony IMX323 to take photos and record videos. It can record with a max resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and it has a 130 degrees wide angle to capture many subjects at once: you can cover three lanes with this camera and its lens with 7 layer coating, made to enhance light transmission.

Furtherly, the 7 layer coating is used to reduce reflections and prevent the glass from cracking when there are high temperatures. So, 70 Minutes Smart Car DVR Camera not only records detailed videos, but it is also very resistant. It has a conical shape and a rotating bracket which allow you to move it however you want. Like every good dash camera, this device can be connected to a smartphone thanks to the Wi Fi connectivity integrated, and it can be controlled or used to transfer photos and videos to the phones (not only Xiaomi ones).

It has not a display, but if you connect it to your phone, you can enable real time viewing of the camera, and this perfectly replaces the presence of an LCD display. Furtherly, it supports voice commands and it can recognize your voice: you can tell it to start or stop recording, just to make an example. 70 Minutes Smart Car DVR Camera can be alimented by the car’s cigarette lighter or by an integrated battery when the car is turned off. At least for now the Smart Car DVR Camera will only be available to purchase in China, but its price is very low: just 189 Yuan (280 dollars).