Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Launched From 450 Meters: Did It Survive?

by Michele Ingelido 552 views0

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 has been launched on the market a few weeks ago and its price is the highest if we consider all the Xiaomi phones actually in commerce. But a really crazy man did not care about how much he paid the device, and he decided to launch the phone from 450 meters of height. He was on a helicopter, he opened the box of its flagship and he decided to let him fall from that height to test its build quality. It looks impossible that a phone would come out intact from a drop like this, but it happened.

When the crazy man went out of its helicopter and he recovered his Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, there was not any damage. The phone was completely intact, showing an outstanding build quality. Now, we do not believe this video is an authentic fall of the phone from 450 meters, there are not enough proofs to demonstrate it. But if this is true, it would mean that the new flagship is one of the best phones for build quality, if not the best. The original Mi Mix was known to be very fragile due to its full unibody design made of ceramic.

The company has also included a protective cover into the box. But Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 seems the opposite from this video. In case you do not know, the flagship has a back cover made of ceramic and a frame made of metal. We do not suggest to do such a thing with your phone, because probably it would be like throwing your money in the trash. Take this video with a pinch of salt and always protect your phone. The company is also offering an insurance for accidental damages to the displays of its latest phones: Mi Mix 2 and Xiaomi Mi Note 3.