Xiaomi Flagships (2018) To Support 3D Facial Recognition By Qualcomm

by Michele Ingelido 870 views0

One of the most interesting features of the new Apple iPhone X is Face ID, a technology which makes the phone recognize the face of its owner (even in the dark), which will be used for authentication, mobile payments and more. Besides Apple, another company that is working on a 3D facial recognition technology is Qualcomm, the best manufacturer of mobile SoCs in the world. According to Taiwan industry chain this technology made by Qualcomm will be part of the SLiM 3D camera project and it will be supported on Xiaomi flagships that will be launched in 2018.


To be accurate SLiM 3D will include a new camera technology and it seems that Qualcomm will begin the mass production of the camera module in January next year. The launch of this technology instead should happen before the end of Q1 2018, so before the end of March. Xiaomi and Samsung seem to be the first companies that will make use of this new 3D facial recognition technology, and in Q1 2018 at least two flagships will probably be launched by these companies. We are talking about Xiaomi Mi7 and Samsung Galaxy S9, obviously.

Both these phones are expected to come, at least in a variant, with a Snapdragon 845 SoC, the next flagship processor by Qualcomm. This SoC would come with the required hardware to support 3D facial recognition. In case you do not know, the SLiM 3D technology that we should see on Xiaomi Mi7 is a turn-key 3D camera module delivering real-time depth sensing and 3D point cloud generation. It works both in indoor and outdoor environments, and it is very accurate, delivering high resolution images as well. According to rumors, Xiaomi Mi7 will also sport a full borderless display, a compact and lightweight design, and a dual camera setup on the rear side.