Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 vs Xiaomi Mi6: Is It Worth Spending More?

by Michele Ingelido 10,483 views0

Xiaomi has just launched its latest flagship: Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, and it is the only true flagship launched this year, besides Xiaomi Mi6 obviously. Now, many people are probably asking themselves: is it worth spending more and buying the latest flagship or the Mi6 is enough for every kind of use? The Mi Mix 2 is made to impress, but does it really have something more than the Mi6 in daily use? This is a comparison that will try to give an answer to these questions.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 vs Xiaomi Mi6: Design

xiaomi mi mix 2 vs xiaomi mi6

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 has a way better design than its opponent, it is one of the most beautiful phones ever released. It has a back cover made of ceramic and a very high screen to body ratio, with the display covering almost the whole frontal panel. There is no space for a Home key and even for the front speaker, indeed the audio in calls is delivered through a piezoeletric technology. Xiaomi Mi6, on the other hand, has a better build quality since its frame is made of stainless steel, and it is also more compact. But Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 wins.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 vs Xiaomi Mi6: Display

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 has a display with a size of 5.99 inches, an 18:9 aspect ratio and a Full HD+ resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels. Hight detail, bright colors and a great multimedia experience are the keys to success for this display that wins over its opponent. Xiaomi Mi6 has a 5.15 inch display with a Full HD resolution which is easier to use with one hand at it is still great, but not as the one of its opponent.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 vs Xiaomi Mi6: Hardware

These phones have exactly the same hardware side, with an octa core Snapdragon 835  processor (the best by Qualcomm), 6 GB of RAM and different variants of storage. However, there is a configuration of Mi Mix 2 with 8 GB of RAM. It is a draw, they are among the best performing phones: a fast and smooth experience in apps, UI and games will never miss.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 vs Xiaomi Mi6: Camera

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 has a single snapper with a 12 MP resolution on the back, while Xiaomi Mi6 has a 12 MP dual camera. Both devices have the Sony IMX386 sensor, one of the best sensors for mobile phones. We prefer Xiaomi Mi6 since it offers an additional sensor for optical zoom and bokeh effect, but both these phones can shot outstanding photos in good light conditions, with a high level of detail.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 vs Xiaomi Mi6: Battery

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 has a 3500 mAh battery, while Xiaomi Mi6 has a battery with a capacity of 3350 mAh. There are still not enough tests to say who lasts more, but we believe Mi Mix 2 will have a slightly longer battery life.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 vs Xiaomi Mi6: Price

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 wins this comparison but it will cost more than 500 euros, while Xiaomi Mi6 can actually be found at 350 euros. The Mi6 has the best value for money and you can avoid buying the Mi Mix 2 if you do not care about the design and a large screen.