Xiaomi Mi6 vs LG V30 Comparison: Price Or Innovation?

by Michele Ingelido 1,011 views0

LG V30 has been launched a few days ago and it is one of the most innovative and costly phones of this year. Xiaomi Mi6 is exactly the opposite, it is not so innovative but it is one of the cheapest flagships in the smartphones world. Does the V30 offer enough to spend all that money or it is more worth buying the Mi6 due to its convenience? We will explain this to you with a brief comparison.

Xiaomi Mi6 vs LG V30: Design

xiaomi mi6 vs lg v30

Xiaomi Mi6 has only one advantage over LG V30 in terms of design: its body made of glass and stainless steel is more compact and easy to use even with one hand. For the rest, LG V30 wins. It has a design with a metal frame and a glass back, which has a military grade protection and the IP68 standard which makes it waterproof.

Xiaomi Mi6 vs LG V30: Display

Xiaomi Mi6 has a 5.15 inch display with a Full HD resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. It has a high brightness, a good level of detail and well balanced colors. But LG V30 is superior and it has one of the best displays on the market. It is a P-OLED panel with a size of 6 inches, a Quad HD+ resolution and the HDR technology. It is one of the best devices for multimedia use.

Xiaomi Mi6 vs LG V30: Hardware

Both these devices have an octa core Snapdragon 835 processor by Qualcomm running at a max frequency of 2.45 GHz, but Xiaomi Mi6 has 6 GB of RAM and LG V30 has 4 GB of RAM. Xiaomi Mi6 has better performances and it can handle more apps at the same time with the best speed. Soon it will receive MIUI 9 and it will be even better.

Xiaomi Mi6 vs LG V30: Camera

Xiaomi Mi6 has a 12 MP dual camera setup on its back, while LG V30 has a 16 MP dual camera. With wide-angle lens and a great level of detail captured, we consider LG V30 better at taking photos in every light condition. But its opponent is a valid device, it has the best sensors ever inserted by Xiaomi on a phone and it can make great photos.

Xiaomi Mi6 vs LG V30: Battery

Xiaomi Mi6 has a battery with a capacity of 3350 mAh, while LG V30 has a 3300 mAh battery. The capacities are very similar and at this moment there are not enough tests to see, accurately, which phone has the longest battery life. We think it is a draw because there should be no much difference between these devices in terms of battery lives.

Xiaomi Mi6 vs LG V30: Price

There is no challenge, LG V30 is the winner of this comparison on all sides, it is a better device and it is more innovative. But at its price, you can buy two Mi6’s. LG V30 is going to be launched on the market with a price tag of about 900 euros, while Xiaomi Mi6 can be found at just 350 euros, and it has similar performances to its opponent.