Xiaomi Mi TV: The Smallest Model Ever Certified by 3C

by Michele Ingelido 771 views0

A new Xiaomi Mi TV has just been certified by 3C, the Chinese entity that verifies if the products are suitable or not for final consumers. From what is shown on the 3C website, this is the smallest TV ever made by the company. Its display has a size of fewer than 40 inches. The accurate size is not mentioned, but there is to believe that this TV will have a 32 inches size since it is the highest size used under 40 inches. The resolution of the screen is not mentioned as well, but usually 32 inches TVs are Full HD (1080 x 1920 pixels).

mi tv

Unlikely it will be HD or 4K since HD is actually used only in few cases and there are other bigger TVs by the company with the 4K resolution (Mi TV 4 series which was recently launched on the market). This Xiaomi Mi TV is identified on 3C listings with the code name L32M5-AZ1, and it was manufactured by Beijing Xiaomi Electronics Co. Ltd. But there is also to say that the factory is listed as TCL Overseas Electronics (Huizhou) Co. Ltd. At this moment, the Mi TV 4A is the cheapest TV by Xiaomi, it has a size of 43 inches and it can be purchased with a price tag of 1899 Yen, which is equivalent to about 280 dollars.

The new Xiaomi Mi TV should be even cheaper than the 4A model, it is expected to cost 1299 Yen, which is equivalent to about 192 dollars. Rumors are suggesting that it may cost even less than 192 dollars, but actually there is nothing official so we can only speculate about it. The release date has not been revealed as well, we may see a teaser in the next week, but we do not ensure it. Do you still have a TV smaller than 40 inches at your home?