Xiaomi X1 To Be Launched On July 11 With 6 GB RAM

by Michele Ingelido 1,225 views0

Xiaomi X1 and Redmi Pro 2 are rumored to be the next phones which will be announced by the Chinese giant. The first may come on July 11. Lei Jun, who is the CEO of the company, has just published a new teaser image on Weibo confirming the official launch of a new phone on July 11, so in just two days. The image is the same as a teaser published before the launch of the Mi Note 2, so we can not ensure you that we are talking about the X1.

xiaomi x1

It may also be the Mi Note 3, but we believe it may be the X1 because the image focuses on an important detail. We are talking about the fact that the alleged Xiaomi X1 (or Mi Note 3, or Redmi Pro 2) will have 6 GB of RAM. On the teaser, in Chinese language, we can see that the phone will be fast, smooth and efficient. So it is a phone that focuses on performances, but we do not know which will be its SoC. The image shows a detail of the Mi Note 2: a part of the curved screen. This means that the phone launched may have a curved screen or even a borderless display like the Xiaomi Mi Mix.

redmi pro 2

There is nothing official about the specs of Xiaomi X1, so we still have to rely on rumors. According to these, the phone will sport a 5.5 inch display manufactured by Pegasus, with a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Under the hood, there should be an octa core Snapdragon 660 SoC by Qualcomm, so not the best one, but the best among the midrange ones. We will see 6 GB of RAM and probably 64 or 128 GB of internal storage. The MIUI 9 was rumored to be installed out of the box, but saw that it will be launched on July 9 we doubt it.