Xiaomi Aqara Is A New Smart Sensor To Detect Water

by Michele Ingelido 1,458 views0

Xiaomi Aqara is the 92nd product which has just been launched from Mijia, the famous crowdfunding platform by the company. Xiaomi is bringing technology to every sector of our lives by making unique smart products for many different aims. This new device is a sensor to detect if there is water in a house and if there are risks of a flood. It is a small devices with the IP67 certification, so it is waterproof and dust resistant.

xiaomi aqara

Xiaomi Aqara is able to detect when the level of water on the ground is superior to 0.5 mm and to alert the user about it. The device can easily communicate with an app that you can install on your phone: you will get the alarm from the app in case the level of water rises. Aqara will also be able to communicate with other smart gadgets for security that are able to stop the water.

The size of Xiaomi Aqara is 50 x 50 x 15 mm, it has a very elegant and lightweight design, which looks good in every room. It can be alimented with a non rechargeable battery that can last up to two years thanks to a very low energy consumption. The price will be 79 Yuan, about 10 euros.