Ukoo UMIX Is A New Xiaomi Mi Mix Clone Sold At Just 100 Dollars

by Michele Ingelido 2,504 views0

Since Xiaomi Mi Mix was released many OEMs have been inspired by its full borderless design, and many others Chinese companies have tried to literally copy it. A new clone of the flagship has been spotted online: it is called Ukoo UMIX and it is the cheapest clone of the phone ever seen. It is listed on the online store Taobao from China, with a price of just 688 Yuan, which is equivalent to about 100 dollars. Under some aspects, it seems that the design of this phone is even better than the original.

xiaomi mi mix

Just to make an example, rumors are suggesting that side bezels are three times closer to the edges compared to the original. But we still do not know for sure if this is true or not. We also got a design made of ceramic like the original Xiaomi Mi Mix, it is not just plastic and this is great if we consider that the phone costs just 100 dollars. Further, there seems to be a 3D glass as the frontal panel. As you could imagine, this phone has mid-low end specs and its not a flagship like the original one, that is why it doesnt cost as much as the original Xiaomi phone.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix clone is even smaller than the original, its screen has a 5.5 inches size (and not 6.4 inches like the Mi Mix) and it shows images at a Full HD resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. Under the hood, there is a quad core MediaTek MT6737 SoC running at a max frequency of 1.3 Ghz, together with 4 GB of RAM (this is weird since MT6737 supports max 3 GB of RAM) and 64 GB of internal storage. On the back side you can find a dual camera setup unlike the original phone, while on the front side there is an 8 MP camera for selfies.