MIUI Global, China, Developer… All The Versions of the Xiaomi ROM Explained

by Michele Ingelido 68 views0

There are many versions of the MIUI ROM by Xiaomi, there is not any company which releases so many variants of its official ROM based on the Android operating system. For this reason, it is very hard to distinguish them and even to decide which to use on Xiaomi phones. In this article, we want to make things clear by telling you the difference between every branch of Xiaomi’s ROMs, so you will understand which you should flash on your phone.

miui 8

MIUI Global Stable ROM

This is the most stable ROM for Xiaomi phones, the definitive version which is officially available via OTA updates. You will not be able to try the new feature in advance, but you will have the ROM which usually guarantees the best performances with the lowest number of bugs. If you do not want to have any problem with your Xiaomi phone, always flash the Global ROM, which also contains Play Store and other Google services.

MIUI China Stable

It has the same characteristics of the Global ROM but it is dedicated to Chinese customers. You will get the greatest stability, but you will not have the Google services since they can not be used in China. Further, the updates are less frequent than the ones on the Global version.

MIUI China Developer Nightly and Weekly

These are ROMs used for the beta testing, so you can download it only if you take part to the beta testing to help Xiaomi improve its ROMs. The nightly one is for the closed beta program and it gets updated almost every day, while the Weekly one is for the open beta and it is updated every week. With these ROMs you can try all the new features and optimizations in advance.

MIUI Global Beta / Developer

The beta version of the MIUI Global ROM, you can install it if you want frequent updates released before the Global Stable. Thanks to this beta ROM you can have updates every week and 26 different languages are available (unlike the other beta ROMs above), but you get less recent changes compared with the China Developer ROMs.

MIUI Xiaomi.eu Developer and Stable

Also called MIUI multilanguage, this is a custom ROM made from China Developer and China Stable. The difference is the presence of Google Services and the fact that it is dedicated to Europe with 26 different languages. Further, the Chinese services found in the Chinese ROMs gets removed in this ROM, but the version is always a release before the Chinese ones.


This is the worst version of the ROM by Xiaomi. Many Xiaomi phones sold in international online stores like GearBest come with a fake ROM which is not the original MIUI 8, 7 etc. This ROM usually has no updates and it may have several issues which interfere with the user experience by making it worse. You can recognize them if they have two zeros at the end of the number of versions. We also suggest replacing these ROMs with a Global or China stable ROM.