Borderless Phones With Big Displays Like Xiaomi Mi Mix Are The Trend, Says AnTuTu

by Michele Ingelido 908 views0

AnTuTu, the most famous mobile benchmark platform worldwide, has just released a report which shows the user preferences about the phones in China, and from this report, we can see that Xiaomi Mi Mix has literally launched a trend. Users prefer big screens in small bodies, this is what can be seen in the report. In China, screen sizes between 5 inches and 6 inches are the most wanted, with 5.5 inches at the first place. The 35.60 percent of people prefer to have a display which has a size of 5.5 inches, while 10.39 percent of people want a display which has a size of 5.7 inches. At the third place we can see 6 inch phones with 6.38 percent.

xiaomi mi mix

Xiaomi Mi Mix is a dream for the actual average user, because it offers a huge display in a very small body thanks to the fact that it has no bezels. That is why many OEMs are planning to release borderless phones. We saw Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, we saw LG G6 and we are going to see many Chinese companies sticking to the new trend. This year we will also see the successor of the Mi Mix, which may have an even bigger screen to body ratio. We are talking about Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, which is rumored to have a screen to body ratio near to 100 percent.

mi mix

Small screen sizes are reducing every day more on the market. Only 6.06 percent of people want a 5.2 inches size, while 7.66 percent prefers 5 inches phones. Devices under 5 inches are totally disappearing from the market, just think about Sony, which has just deleted the Compact series, the only one with 4.6 inches displays. More the time passes, more you will see display which are hardly to use with just one hand. The latest released is Xiaomi Mi Max 2, with a whopping 6.44 inch screen.