How To Backup Xiaomi Phones And Restore On MIUI 8 And 7

by Michele Ingelido 5,253 views1

You have to change ROM and you do not know how to backup Xiaomi phones so you will not lose all your data? Do you have to save all your data because you want to transfer it to another Xiaomi smartphone? Is there any other reason because of you are risking to lose all your files and folders and you do not want this to happen? No fear, in this guide we will explain to you how to perfectly backup Xiaomi phones on both MIUI 8 and 7, so you will be able to do everything to the software of your phone without losing anything. This guide is risk free, you will not risk to brick your phone or to make it unusable, so you can follow it even if you are not an expert. Just make sure that the phone in which you want to restore the backup has a version of the MIUI 8 or 7 installed.

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How to backup Xiaomi phones

Luckily, in the software of Xiaomi phones, there is already an option to backup, so you will not need to install third party apps. And you do not even need an internet connection unless you want to copy files on the cloud. First of all, head to the settings, then tap on Additional settings. Choose Backup & Reset, then tap on Local backups, then on Backup. Choose all your preferred options to backup Xiaomi phones, then tap again on the confirmation button and the copy of your data will be created. You will find your backup files on this path of your phone: Storage/MIUI/backup/AllBackup.

Just head to this path with a file manager to find everything. Now, connect your phone to the PC and choose the file transfer option on the menu that will appear. From your PC, head to the above mentioned path and find your backup folder. Right click on the folder, then click on Copy. Choose a folder on your PC in which you want to save the backup files, right click on an empty space, then choose Paste. You have successfully made a backup of your phone and you will be able to restore it whenever you want.

How to restore backup Xiaomi phones

Did you format your phone, bought a new phone or other things for which restoring the backup is needed? Well, now I will explain to you how to easily restore the backup files that you saved before. You have to connect your phone to your PC, then you have to take the backup folder that you copied previously and you have to paste it again in the same path of the phone. So connect the phone to PC, copy the folder and paste it on Storage / MIUI / backup / All backup. Power on your phone and go to the Settings app, then choose Additional Settings. As you did with the backup tap on Backup & Reset, then choose Local backups. You will find the backup that you just copied on your phone: just tap on Restore.