Xiaomi Mi TV 4 Will Be As Thin As A Coin, Coming on May 18

by Michele Ingelido 871 views0

Xiaomi Mi TV 4 will have the thickness of a coin. This is what a new official teaser published by the company is highlighting. The new TV is going to be officially launched the 18th May, and there will also be more than just one variant. We are talking about flagship TVs, not cheap ones, and they will be among the thinnest TVs ever made in the world, so they will take a low amount of space and at the same time they will be very elegant.

xiaomi mi tv

Xiaomi Mi TV 4 will be 4.98 mm thin at its thinnest point and 38.99 mm at its thickest point. Even if the new TVs will be thin they will offer a great video quality. We should see the launch of three different versions which will differ for the screen size. The first will have a monitor with a 49 inch size, the second will be 55 inches and the third 65 inches. 

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The weight of the 65 inches Xiaomi Mi TV 4 will be 20.6 kg (the weight of the stand is included). The sound bar will weight 3.62 kg, the subwoofer will weigh 3.61 kg and the two satellite speakers will weigh 0.86 kg together. The price tag of the most powerful model (which is the 65 inches one) will be under 2000 dollars.