Xiaomi Mi TV: a new teaser shows a fighter jet

by Michele Ingelido 1,013 views0

A new teaser has been published about a new model of Xiaomi Mi TV, and it is not even the first one. A few days ago there was another teaser on Weibo social network showing a kid dressed as Super Man, suggesting the arrive of the new TV. This new teaser shows a fighter jet, and it is very hard to interpret it. Both the teasers are very enigmatic and you can just guess what they want to mean.

mi tv

The first allegedly wants to say the new product will be smaller than the previous generation (maybe 43 inch instead of 65 inch) but it will still have high end functions and an important price. The actual teaser about Xiaomi Mi TV may either suggest the processor is very fast or something related to video games, but take everything with a pinch of salt because there is not any official declaration.

In the mean time Xiaomi Mi TV 4A has been made available for pre-orders: may the teaser refer to it? Who orders the TV before its launch will also get a discount of 100 Yuan. It has a 43 inch screen as suggested above. For now, we do not have other info, we have to wait the 21st March that is the launch date.