Xiaomi Luo Qing Umbrella Goes Official Under Mijia Brand Name

by Alex Wang 1,660 views0

Yesterday we reported that Xiaomi is going to launch an umbrella today and the good news is Xiaomi has officially announced the launch of its Luo Qing Umbrella under the Mijia brand name. This uniquely named umbrella carries a price tag of 69 Yuan which comes around to $11 and will be available via crowdfunding.
xiaomi umbrella

This multi-purpose umbrella will protect you against rains as well as harmful UV rays. It is manufactured from materials imported from Taiwan. It feels soft and is highly durable. In addition to that, it comes with a Teflon coating which does not retain water and helps in absorbing the UV rays from sun acting as a sunscreen.


This umbrella features a button-less and ultra portable design. It comes with anti-resistance fringes and weighs only 228 grams. The length of this umbrella is 24cm and it comes with a radius of 47cm. It can easily be snugged into a bag as it can shrink to just 3cm on folding it. From the look of it, this umbrella appears to be an innovative product from Xiaomi which is trying to revamp the household items and blend them with technology making them smarter. Stay tuned for latest updates.