Xiaomi Smart Suitcase Launched for $307

by Alex Wang 1,289 views0

Xiaomi has launched a new smart product and it is a metal suitcase which goes by the name of Xiaomi 90 Minutes Smart Suitcase. It is introduced at a price of 1999 Yuan which comes around to $307. Check out the image below to take a look at this suitcase.


This smart suitcase has a capacity of 31 litres and weighs 4.4 kgs. It measures 20 inches in height and is made from 100% aluminium-magnesium alloy.

Premium quality materials are used in the manufacturing of this suitcase from wheels to alloy rod. It comes with 4 different speed height settings which can be changed according to user preferences.

Another salient feature of this smart suitcase is that it can be connected to your Android and iOS smartphone via inbuilt Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The smart in the name comes from the fact that you can lock and unlock this suitcase via an app installed on your phone. You can check more images of this suitcase below.